It starts with You!

Ever heard that before? seen it on an advert for some kind of self help book or something like that? I think we all have but just recently instead of ignoring this I have actually started to take it on board maybe we all should!

So what am I actually going on about? Well here in clinic I see clients/paitent all day long from all sorts of sporting backgrounds and all types of injuries and once back onto the road to recovery or sometimes just to get to the point of setting on that course it involves a lot of filming them function slowing it right down frame by frame and working out what is going on with the musculoskeletal frame whilst they are performing the activities they love to do.

By doing this it enables me to see whats firing whats not, how and where weakness lies and where it needs building or strengthening. Its fascinating to do and a real passion of mine. Yet do I always practice what I preach? Hell NO! well that was until recently. 

You see I love training its my happy place, I have an AMAZING personal trainer who I see five times a week Monday to Friday and he pushes me, really pushes me, in fact has made me throw up once or twice, and is a blooming genius an expert in his field. Thats why he is the Personal Trainer I send all my clients/paitents to him yup Liam Annetts of LA personal training (you can find him on Facebook or just look at the affiliates page on this website to find out more about him) he is a genius in rehab in fact all things PT. 

Recently I have started on my favourite type of squat EVER, good old Sumo Squats I love them, why sumo squats? what is  sumo squat I hear you say well..........

The sumo squat differs from the regular one in the positioning of the feet, which naturally leads to a different muscle emphasis. When performing a regular squat, the feet are placed hip-width apart with toes facing forward, while during a sumo squat, the feet are in a wide stance with toes turned out. Though both versions work the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors and calves, sumo squats place more stress on the inner thigh adductors and glutes.

but I have one fault my first rep of every set is appalling but then there after bang on perfect but I need to correct this. So with the help of the PT genius that is  Liam I have had to strip it back and analyse whats going on with me and the old (it is getting that way) hips along with numerous other issues.  I am happy to go into it in depth if you like as to why but it would make this already mammoth blog even bigger and I waffle enough as it is

Of course my main issue is a good old anterior pelvic tilt and a few other bits that are causing this, my quads are tight and shortened, my calves are solid and the old hamstrings are most deffo lengthened. Oh and my piriformis along with glutes that are tight and well cant be bothered to function, my external rotation of the femur is laughable, quite lordotic too, knees that want to go back wards and a lower back that is well quite like to rods of steel.

I know I know if were a horse in a western I would of been shot by now, If I were booked in to my clinic I with another me at my side I could be treated. But I am don't have four legs and a mane and there most certainly isn't another on of me kicking around. So the is where I start my journey to sort myself IT STARTS WITH ME!!!!!!

So I shall be getting myself into postural perfection, I shall practice what I  preach to all who enter my clinic, I will be following my own rehab plan and getting treatment to loosen what needs loosening, correct what needs correcting and as for that core of mine thats going to be in for a shock. So my input into the blog on the website will be all about my correctional work my quest to be posture perfect, to perfect the Sumo to have a booty bigger than i have now the you can rest a pint pot on it. 

It starts this Sunday 4th of June 9am at Progress gym ( ) an abs session to kill all ab sessions set out by Liam and i will keep all posted on how my quest for perfect function is going. So do follow and feel free to join me 

Little bit from our culinary genius Green Bikini


Apologies I know its been an eternity since the first blog but clinic ha been absolutely manic and this is the first chance I have had to get online and post a blog but fortunately its a little bit special! and guess what there will be another blog before the week is out as well Yipeee!!!

So as you know we have a bit of a culinary genius involved with Southwest Sports Therapy our ever so talented Jo Lewellyn aka Greenbikini on instagram (deffo worth a follow) has whizzed up an amazing breakfast for us, I am for one deffo making this delight.


Toasted Chocolate Granola 

I'm currently preparing for my second bikini competition, which means carbohydrates andany sugary foods are limited to around my training times in the mornings. This is basically in order to get my body used to burning my fat stores rather than utilising carbohydrates as fuel. Once a week I get to exchange one of my meals for a high carbohydrate low fat meal of my choice (sometimes known as a refeed). I usually choose a dinner option as my refeed, but this week I was really craving something sweet - so I decided to make a sweet granola for breakfast. This dish was inspired by my recent trip to Australia. 

While I was on holiday in Queensland I was lucky enough to sample plenty of locally sourced and beautiful natural products including a delicious acai bowl with chocolate panna cotta. Whilst I can't promise a view of the beautiful Noosa heads coastline (or the warm sunny weather to match), I managed to create a similar (albeit healthier) version to share with you. 

To save time I bought some ready made berry and orange granola from marks and spencers and added to it but you can easily make your own granola if you have time in the mornings.


Take 100g of granola (home made or shop bought).

Mix together half a teaspoon of Fairtrade cocoa powder and some runny honey. You can microwave the honey for a few seconds to make it runnier if needed. Spread the granola out onto a baking tray and mix the honey chocolate sauce into it. Sprinkle over a pinch of cinnamon.

Bake at 180 degrees for about 10 mins, keep an eye on it - don't let it burn. This smells absolutely amazing while cooking!

Remove from oven to cool.

I sprinkled over another half teaspoon of cocoa powder - but taste first and go easy as its quite a rich strong chocolate taste. 


In a bowl, mix 2 dessert spoonfuls of natural yoghurt with a scoop of protein powder (I used reflex nutrition's strawberries and cream flavour 😍 )

And in a separate bowl mix 1 dessert spoonful of natural yoghurt with a teaspoon of runny honey and half a teaspoon of coca powder to serve as a healthy high protein chocolate panna cotta alternative. 

Transfer your granola to a bowl and add fresh raspberries, blueberries and cherries. 

Dollop spoonfuls of the strawberry mixture around the bowl between the fruits, and then fill the gaps with dollops of your chocolate mixture. I garnished mine with some lavender flowers, - after all, food that looks pretty always tastes better ! 

Makes enough for a hungry person, I served mine with a toasted buttered gluten free hot x bun, and a nespresso ciocattino black coffee - just to max out on the dark chocolate flavours with a hit of caffeine! Enjoy 😋


First time for everything

Well here we are, finally online and couldn't have done this without and the amazingly talented Mark Hirons thank you so so much Mark its great working with you and you are just brilliant.

So what will this blog be all about? Well a lot about whats going on in clinic, what we have been up to, hints and tips to keep yourself in tip top condition and some common conditions and injuries and how to prevent and what to do should they arise.

There will be some amazing food from the ever so talented Jo (@greenbikini on instagram) and I will also be dragging (and I do mean dragging he is not great with the blogging) some amazing training info out of our PT genius that is Liam Annetts. Dont miss out on any blogs from PollyAnna Isabella she really will inspire you her dedication to training is second to none, successful in the world of fitness bikini modelling, a crazily busy career and managing a netball team yet still alway finds the time to train and in a way that is very relevant to day to day life.

But most of all its just a way of keeping up with everything we are doing as don't forget Southwest Sports Therapy is passionate about  Clinical soft tissue therapy and all its benefits and we do see all our clients as a bit of a family and hope you will join us and follow us in our journey.